Digital projects in the age of coronavirus

In these stressful, uncertain times, most digital agencies – such as Digital Garden – are well-placed to provide a sense of normality and continuity for their clients.

The COVID-19 pandemic sweeping the globe has injected a lot of fear, panic and uncertainty into our day-to-day lives.

Amidst the loss of life and concern for our vulnerable loved ones, we are all going to have to find our way through to a new, unfamiliar kind of normal. Whether the crisis lasts weeks, months or into the next year, the way we interact with one another will irrevocably change the way we interact with each other as human beings on both a social and professional level.

Digital Garden, like many in the digital space, are well-versed in the remote, socially-distanced way of working that many businesses are now rapidly trying to embrace to help protect their workforce and flatten the curve of community transmission.

Doing so means looking at simple daily activities (which we never thought twice about) through new eyes: as a possible threat to us, our loved ones and our fellow citizens. We need to be wary about once relatively innocuous things now being possible vectors for a highly-infectious and sometimes deadly disease.

No one yet knows where the current trajectory will take us, but we should all be calm, measured and stay informed by good advice such as from government bodies and accreditated health agencies. We also need to keep our sanity and try to carry-on with life where we can, albeit in new and inventive ways.

A vast majority of Digital Garden projects have always been run as 'zero (physical) contact' projects, meaning we never meet those clients face-to-face. Much of our team also work remotely around the world, so our internal collaboration has always been built around cloud-based tools, chat and video calls.

Digital Garden's longstanding remote, socially-distanced way of working includes:

  • Presenting deliverables and pitching project via video conferencing and screenshare
  • Video calls and standups with clients and colleagues
  • Chat messaging via Slack
  • Project management via Jira
  • Delivery of prototypes and UI designs via cloud-based Axure and InVision
  • Cloud-based collaboration on documentation via Google Docs

Over the coming weeks, please stay safe, remain calm and follow official advice. We remain hopeful we will come through the worst of it sooner than we expect, and that our experts in policy and our tireless healthcare professionals will look after the country and its most vulnerable.

In the meantime, Digital Garden remains fully operational and business-as-usual. Please reach out to us via email to get in touch.