Digital Garden and COVID-19


With the added challenges and heartache of this turbulent time, Digital Garden has ensured its team members maintain the healthy life/work balance we have always advocated.

Digital Garden has always been well-versed in the remote, physically distanced way of working with our clients and teammates across Australia and around the world. Our way of working is supported by:

  • Presenting deliverables and pitching project via video conferencing and screenshare
  • Video calls and standups with clients and colleagues
  • Chat messaging via Slack
  • Project management via Jira
  • Delivery of prototypes and UI designs via cloud-based tools like InVision
  • Cloud-based collaboration on documentation via Google Docs

Throughout the pandemic and its lockdowns, Digital Garden has remained fully operational from our home offices and we're as productive as ever. We continue to listen to the advice of our appointed health experts and strongly encourage team members to follow the recommendations of government health authorities.

If you'd like to work on a project with us, please reach out to us via email to get in touch.