Delivering a dynamic new website for the APP Group in a short timeframe

Project Management
Delivering a dynamic new website for the APP Group in a short timeframe
UX Designer

An account of some of the design timesavers we used that got this time-sensitive project across the line for the APP Group, a major player in the property and infrastructure sector.


What are the competitors doing?

We always take stock of the landscape to understand the current benchmarks. The APP Group told us about websites they liked (and didn't like) in the property and infrastructure space.

We extracted the features that stood out to them - paying attention to things like the navigation, look and feel and page layout. By doing this, we could avoid blindspots in the design and make sure we didn't go down the wrong path early on. For example, the APP Group told us they liked the tagging and hierarchy used on the project listing of a competitor. We could use this as a path forward and draw inspiration from the example provided. 


Working with client mockups

The APP Group designed some mockups to serve as wireframes for the design. This allowed us to move quickly by utilising the components from the pages to form updated high fidelity designs. 

In our co-design workshop with the client, we worked through the mockups and noted down the functionality of each component and how it might be used across the website. Some large butcher paper sketches were also produced in the session that mapped each component to a template. The sketches were then collated into a spreadsheet for our designers reference. 


Maximising the brand guidelines

The APP Group had recently engaged a branding agency to refresh their corporate brand. In some ways, this made the design phase easier. We saved time by not having to conceptualise fonts, colours or brand motifs. For example, the brand guidelines included a circular motif called the 'Great connector'. We integrated this arc across the website and used it to help sections flow together, 'connecting' them. On the homepage, the arc has a current, with a subtle animation pulling the user down the page. 

With the look and feel pre-determined, we could spend more time focusing on the functionality and usability of the website. 


On-time and on-budget delivery 

When designing and building websites, delivering on time and within budget is crucial. This project demonstrates our commitment to efficient design practices. Through benchmarking, client collaboration, and adherence to brand guidelines, we not only met but exceeded expectations.

The APP Group's website is a testament to Digital Garden’s capability to thrive under pressure while delivering exceptional outcomes. This project exemplifies how design excellence and efficient project management can come together successfully.