Online shopping just keeps on growing

There was a time when Australians were reticent to buy products and services online. How things have changed. You only have to look around to see that many shoppers embrace online; not only to do pre-purchase research, but place sizeable orders too.

Recent data from Roy Morgan (2014) shows almost 40% of the population bought one or more products over the internet in a 4 week period; be that buying pizza to movie tickets, booking an overseas holiday to household goods.

The top 10 most popular online shopping categories in 2014 were:

  1. Entertainment and leisure
  2. Reading materials
  3. Fashion
  4. Food and beverages
  5. Electronics
  6. Travel products
  7. Health and beauty
  8. Home and garden
  9. Fashion accessories
  10. Automotive

And never being without their mobile phones means consumers are doing their research ‘on the go’ to quickly check prices and specifications from a variety of online ‘stores’, comparison websites and user reviews.

A store that never closes

Whatever you’re selling, the online provision of product information, advice for getting the most out of it, inquiry and prompt feedback mechanisms, as well as warranty and returns policies etc, all builds trust in your brand and advocacy from satisfied customers, especially via social media.

Our experience

At Digital Garden, we’ve many clients already succeeding with their online stores and reaping the rewards of selling their wares to a global audience around the clock.

  • From high quality, Australian-made wool blankets to designer clothes for babies
  • From high-end mens and womenswear fashions to artwork from individual galleries
  • From courses for the legal profession to online furniture rental and outdoor teak furniture.

Shop till they drop Get in touch today and find out how we can help you sell your products online and drive your business forward.