Real Estate

The future of property is on mobile

Actually, we’d say this has been the case for some time now because the ‘business’ of real estate – whether buying, selling or renting – is so perfectly suited to smartphone use.

Gone are the days when homebuyers scoured weekend newspaper classifieds to source open homes and auctions.

When you think mobile devices, think of properties being seen in all their colourful glory from location, features, amenities, pricing; even with contracts and building reports available for download. The interactions are endless, and all from the palm of your customers’ hand.

5 reasons why real estate is all about mobile, mobile, mobile

  • Smartphones are the first base (and quite often second, third, even home) for real estate interactions
  • Google now rewards sites optimised for mobile over desktop-only versions
  • Ability to better generate new leads by nurturing and tracking prospects from inquiry through to a sale and beyond, thus building priceless loyalty and advocacy
  • Managing multiple sites for multiple devices (desktop, tablet and mobile) is costly and inefficient, which is why we highly recommend a responsive design
  • Opportunities to integrate third-party apps and other sources of rich data to give customers timely, topical and valuable content in one easy to use, portable interface/device.

Services we bring to the real estate sector

Like to know more?

We ‘get’ that there is a lot to consider when real estates decide to embrace or expand their digital presence. But for those who choose to partner with experienced operators familiar with the sector (like Digital Garden), opportunities abound. So get in touch with us today.