MyChoice Conveyancing

New Drupal build for McDonald Jones Homes conveyancing firm.


MyChoice Conveyancing is a newly established conveyancing firm in the MJH Group with a core focus on streamlining the process of buying and selling land. Our challenge was to craft a new website that familiarises new users with the unique services and values that MyChoice Conveyancing represents.


A simple brochure website design on Drupal 8 was designed, showing users the professional services that MyChoice Conveyancing offers to McDonald Jones Homes Group customers. The striking design is professional yet sharp and memorable, leaving an impression on users.


The new website tells the story of the new MyChoice Conveyancing brand and is easily navigable for new users as well as users familiar with other MJH brands. Only recently launched, the company is thrilled about the site and looking forward to reviewing its success in a few months time.

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