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Workplace wellness tools and advice anywhere, anytime - at the tap of a finger


Davidson Trahaire Corpsych - a division of Cover-More - is a globally-trusted provider of employee assistance programs (EAPs) and related corporate psychology for workplaces. Providing workplace coaching and wellness services to customers such as Qantas, NSW Police and Sydney Trains, Cover-More’s DTC covers 2,000 organisations and 110,000 employees worldwide.

The challenge for Digital Garden was to design and develop an app for Cover-More to deliver to the Commonwealth Bank, promoting the app to their own employees. The aim is to keep workplace coaching and wellness tools and advice front of mind for employees and employers alike - rather than as a last resort. The app will also be available to other organisations serviced by Cover-More’s DTC.


Digital Garden worked with Cover-More to map out the GreatLife app’s ideal information architecture, ensuring an intuitive categorisation of a vast array of topics, articles and activities which will only continue to grow with time.

As the app needed to cover a wide spectrum of employees, industries and workplace wellness issues, we set out to design a simple, intuitive interface which could speak to any employee, anywhere - while remaining both employee and industry agnostic.

Any wellness issue - particularly those related to mental health - are vitally important to address and treat correctly. Therefore, it was important for Cover-More that - along with articles and activities - there were ever-present Call Us, 000 emergency and Email Us links ensuring that any user would have immediate reminders for assistance at the tap of a finger.

Digital Garden also created a ‘breathing tree’ animation, helping users of the app to relieve stress and anxiety through conscious breathing, exhaling and inhaling in-time with the expansion and contraction of the animated tree.


The app was launched for both iOS (Apple) and Android (Google) mobile operating systems. The client is thrilled by the resulting GreatLife product and has rolled-out new phases since the initial launch.

Animated breathing tree exercise
helping users of the app relieve stress and anxiety through conscious breathing
Breathing Tree exercise with animation
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