Big data brought to you by SingTel, Asia’s leading telecommunications group


DataSpark is a company that is part of SingTel, Asia’s leading telecommunications group. The agency works with Australian businesses to unlock the power of their company data in order to become more competitive in today's ever-changing marketplace.

DataSpark offers aggregated analysis of consumers in the retail, travel and tourism industries. Using highly sophisticated analytics and geo-location data, it helps businesses select retail store locations, place the most effective out of home advertising and gather competitive intelligence to improve marketing and advertising.

DataSpark required a new website to showcase its solutions to these industry verticals. The new site needed to demonstrate existing insights, include case studies and facilitate new business leads through requests for demonstrations. The challenge was to create a responsive website that marketers could access on any device, anywhere.


Digital Garden worked closely with the DataSpark team to ensure that all requirements were gathered and a solution to fulfil these was designed and developed. The team developed the DataSpark website on a Wordpress CMS platform. It has a fresh, contemporary and professional design that appeals to brand managers and marketers. Users are able to search for specific DataSpark solutions from the homepage as well as view case studies, industry insights, events and media coverage articles. The key objective of the new DataSpark website was to drive new business leads. Digital Garden fulfilled this objective by giving users a clear call to action through an ability to request a demonstration of the product.


The website was launched in late 2014 with a more comprehensive suite of content than the previous website. DataSpark’s team welcomed the professional, modern design and its responsive functionality. The website is now driving increased product demonstration requests and opens up opportunities for potential clients to be able to search, view and enquire about DataSpark’s services directly from their mobile devices.

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