Avant Foundation

The new Drupal 8 Avant Foundation website


Digital Garden was approved by Avant assist with the digital launch of the Avant Foundation members, the medical profession and the broader medical community.

In addition to the Foundation, Avant had a number of other scholarship programs or sponsorships to promote, including the:

  • Doctor in Training Research Scholarship Program
  • Avant/AAPM Scholarship
  • Avant/Interplast Student Placement Program
  • Quality Improvements Grants Program

The challenge was to develop an overarching brand communication strategy that communicates these programs, grants and the Foundation under a single communication banner and make them known to the wider public.


A core marketing element for this initiative is the creation of the Avant Foundation website. The new website needs to be available for the launch of the Foundation. The initial scope of the website is focused on providing information about the organisation, the program, donations and grants opportunities and guidelines. At a later stage we intend to include online giving and online applications for grants.


The new Avant Foundation website is now live. Our teams managed to utilise a minimal amount of Drupal content types to allow for multiple different page layouts. Drupal core feature “paragraphs” were used to create flexible pages that allow “drag and drop” content elements.  Site managers can easily create different types of content without the need for technical or specific CMS knowledge.  Our project manager Stacey Martin provided in-depth on-site training for the wider Avant and team and will continue with work with stakeholders for ongoing support and feature updates including an online donations platform. 

Making a difference
The Avant Foundation website showcases the outstanding work of Grant and Scholarship recipients and allows for a seamless and informed application process
Showcases previous work

The Avant making a difference website provides access to the some of the innovative tools and methods that have been implemented in general medical practice.  The website shows how Avant have dedicated various support initiatives that improve quality, safety and professionalism in practice and looks to continue the support so that Avant and its members can have a meaningful impact on the future of medical practice.

Clear application process

The new website provides an easy to use and clear How to apply process ensuring that potential applicants have all of the information at hand to apply for grants and scholarships accurately and efficiently. This section ensures that applicants are well informed of the details process and take the guesswork out of which grant is right for them. 

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