Senior Frontend Developer

Giorgos has been building web applications since 2001.  He has worked on all aspects of web projects including but not limited to inception and early planning with the client, estimations, proposals and making the sale, architecting and implementing solutions, polishing/styling projects, and making sure all possible speed and SEO optimizations are applied, site maintenance and support.  He has worked with more than 200 clients/web projects and he has seen them all completed successfully.

Even though very comfortable with all aspects his passion is making sure that a web project has intuitive and appealing web interface.  His weapons of choice are HTML, CSS, javascript, PHP and Drupal, and he is always trying to learn and adapt to new and modern technologies and techniques.

In the past, Giorgos has also worked as a Hotel Manager, Civil Engineer, and Adjunct Lecturer teaching intro to C++ for University students.  Giorgos also holds 2 Masters degrees (Civil Engineering and Computer Science) from his studies in the United States.

In his spare time, he is actively involved with cryptocurrency communities taking part in the shaping of the future of money.  He likes to play basketball and soccer and trying to spend a lot of time with his daughters and wife.