Financial Services

Using technology to drive business forward

The finance industry has been at the forefront of digital innovation, driven largely by the highly competitive and intensely regulated nature of the industry. To attract, retain and make advocates of customers requires delivering products and services that are compelling and cost effective without being complex.

And technology is one of the key enablers in this ongoing quest, be they banks, credit unions, investment firms (large and small), lending brokers or financial advisers.

Customers desire confidence and trust in their financial services provider. After all, chances are they’re committing much of their livelihood, life savings and lifestyle aspirations into the advice and products they eventually take up. To this end:

  • They want clear, succinct and compelling content
  • They want transparent and easily understood performance data
  • They want real-time secure access to their portfolios
  • They want to read credible stock market research
  • They want and deserve all this and more.

And they increasingly want to perform a lot of these interactions via a smartphone. So the need for a core website is beyond question: This publishing hub also needs to be responsive.

It also needs to comply with a litany of regulatory and reporting requirements in providing market announcements, product disclosure statements, annual reports and the like.

To make such an array of content easily found and quick to consume can place enormous pressure on not only the site’s design and usability, but also on its information architecture and SEO know-how.

We’ve been working with a broad range of finance clients for some time, including: JANA (NAB), Koda Capital, Montgomery Investment Management, BT, ASIC and JP Morgan. It’s this in-depth insight we’ve accumulated that allows us to better meet the inherent challenges for clients in presenting comprehensive and compelling digital experiences for customers as they navigate the financial services sector.

Like to know more?

Going (and even staying) digital in the finance sector is not a simple undertaking. However, partnering with an experienced provide like Digital Garden will ensure you avoid the pitfalls of those who’ve gone before. So get in touch with us today and let our team help you plot the course to a successful online presence.