The digital revolution is impacting organisations large & small

The latter tend to be more nimble in their approach and more adaptable to change. Large organisations do recognise the importance of moving with the times but often find it hard to adapt as quickly to the changing environment.

Add to that the silos of sales, marketing, operations, finance, IT, HR and governance departments, and it becomes clear that providing a coherent digital presence can often become a fragmented and inconsistent experience, both for the company and the customer.  That’s not sustainable.

More and more, we’re finding that marketing departments are embracing new technologies on their own and in so doing, bypassing IT departments in their quest for more efficient and measurable routes to market. 

But ‘digital’ innovation or facilitation can’t be confined to a select few departments any more. Digital touches every business unit, every employee, and every customer.

Working with large corporations has given Digital Garden key insights into:

  • Bridging relationships between disparate departments
  • Identifying their key pain points
  • Designing more holistic digital outcomes.

This is turn can lead to the development of online solutions – like an enterprise CMS, intranet, portal or application – that deliver not only improved revenue generation activities but also productivity gains across the company.

Add to this a clearly articulated digital strategy that’s well researched, well resourced and well governed, and you’ll soon find enormous benefits accruing, like:

  • New business leads from optimised and responsive websites
  • Faster sales with automated distribution of enquiries through smarter CRM workflows
  • Greater office efficiency and productivity gains by automating repetitive, manual tasks reducing double handling and potential for human error.

Like to know more? 

Digital is a fast moving and ever-changing world and keeping up is a challenge in itself for large corporations. But for those who choose to partner with experienced operators familiar with these challenges (like Digital Garden), the opportunities are endless.  So get in touch with us today.