Why do a six-month internship abroad?

Digital Designer internship at a Digital Agency in Sydney, Australia
David in front of Sydney Harbourside
Design Thinking

Hi, my name is David and I got the amazing opportunity to work as a web design intern here at Digital Garden. Before I leave I’d like to sum up a little as to why it was a really good decision to come over to Sydney for a six-month internship.

A little longer

In a lot of European countries it is common to have one full semester of the bachelor program exclusively dedicated to gain work experience. And even though it is unusual in Australia, I can only recommend to use opportunities for long-term internships. Why, you ask? Well, I found that it reveals much more about yourself, your passion, your skills and the work itself. You find out more about yourself than you would if you interned at a company for a couple of weeks. In comparison to actual full-time employment a six month internship gives you the freedom to see things still from an outsider perspective and allows you to keep yourself in training mode while having a little less responsibility than a full time employee.

Far from home

I hail from Germany, which means Sydney is about 10 time zones away from home for me. This experience has been a really good one. I’ve not only improved my ability to have proper English conversations, but it also allowed me to have some spare time around work to travel, get in touch with new people and think about my priorities and future plans. Of course, you could do that at home as well, but the change of  environment really helps to focus on what is important in life. It was also a great opportunity to get to know the Australian culture, its diversity, its beach-y lifestyle and the kind of attitude towards life that makes people here worry less about life than we Germans do.

The big advantage of small agencies

What I really love about Digital Garden is the perfect size for a good learning environment. It is not a big company where you can get lost as an intern or only get the “make coffee for the clients” jobs. But we’re also not a two-men company, which enabled me to benefit from having different personalities and approaches on how to solve problems. I was able to support different areas such as design, UX, project management, testing and pre-sales. I also had my own projects which I was accompanying from the beginning to deployment. That gave me valuable insights about what is important when it comes to web design and how much you have to consider all four: the best possible UX, client expectations, development effort and making things look good.

In the next couple of months, we already have our next intern lined up, but if you are interested in doing an internship at Digital Garden, just get in touch with us.