Creating responsive email marketing

Engage your audience with a beautiful email marketing campaign that works on mobiles, tablets & desktops.
Email on Mobile Device
Digital Marketing

Have you ever thought about engaging with your clients through email marketing? In an online world full of content creation, blog posts, image uploads and status updates, it is becoming increasingly difficult to communicate to your target audience and convert them into customers.  In order to get people's attention, you're going to have to stand out & get noticed.

Engaging your users with a beautiful design

This is probably one of most imporatant aspect of your online email marketing campaign. Why? Because your brand new email campaign with your ideas and pretty pictures most likley won't even be looked at if it doesn't tickle them visually and engage with who they are and what makes them motivated to use your product or service. As you may have discovered, when it comes to the internet we have a much shorter attention spans these days. Too often are we distracted when looking at our phones - especially when checking our emails. Creating beautiful design and integrating effecting marketing is the way to get ahead of your competition.

Targeting mobile devices as well as desktop email programs

The complication with email marketing is that building them - can be quite a hassle. Designing, crafting and constructing a successful email campaign requires an understanding of how email programs like Outlook, and Gmail read the coding created. Crafting beautiful email design and effective marketing requires a developer to build in tables (an old way to build html websites). The most popular email clients (Outlook 2003 / 07 & Gmail) fail to support certain CSS classes like padding & margin, therfore it is incredibly difficult to build emails that can respond to the size of the screen you are viewing the email on.

A well built EDM is the answer

Designing & building an EDM (email direct marketing) requires experience, to get it right. Extensive testing, tweaks & bug fixes make for a bulletproof email campaign, and you will need someone who has done it before, and understands the limitations of these email programs. Finding the right balance of design & functionality with your email campaign is key, and will surely engage your users as they read through their inbox.