Tom Gibson

Senior Developer
Tom Gibson Digital Garden Senior Developer

Tom has always had a strong passion for all things web. From an early age he designed and developed websites whenever he had the chance. He began freelancing whilst completing a Bachelor of Design (Visual Communications) in 2010. His experience freelancing has equipped him with a thorough grasp and skill-set covering the ability to devise creative and innovative solutions.

Over the last few years Tom has become completely immersed in the Drupal community. He enjoys providing support and collaborating with other passionate developers at monthly Drupal meetups. Tom loves a good challenge and enjoys tinkering with servers, optimising and automating processes wherever he can.

Tom is an integral part of the Digital Garden team bringing fresh ideas to every project he works on. He likes to give everything a go and loves the satisfaction of accomplishing a difficult challenge. In his leisure time he is a keen mountain bike enthusiast and is outdoors more than he is indoors.