Workforce International

A new website for Australia’s leading supplier of recruitment, labour hire, training and traffic management services


Workforce International is the leader in providing services such as recruitment, labour hire, training, traffic management and line marking services. Their services reach a wide range of clients via a network of 35 offices and depots currently located in Australia's capital cities and major regional centres. Services are made possible due to the high amounts of employees working in key industries all across the country.

Workforce International’s previous website was built over 5 years ago. It was built on SiteDoc CMS and in the past 5 years very little had changed in terms of content and design. The new Workforce International website needed a refreshed design and a development upgrade. Going responsive was the best way to cater to the needs of today’s users, as the use of mobile devices has increased. It was crucial that users were able to find and interact with content on the new website no matter what device was being used.

The goals for Workforce International’s new website included:

  • Driving leads for new business

  • Helping candidates find jobs across the country

  • Being intuitive and easy to navigate for a range of target audiences and devices

  • Setting the foundations for future growth of features

  • Bringing to the forefront key information about Workforce's services


Digital Garden consulted with Workforce's project team throughout the website redevelopment process. We designed the new website to meet the needs of Workforce key target audience's, job seekers and employers. A user friendly design was implemented for the website. We improved the job search functionality making it easy to use for job seekers, by introducing intuitive filters to drill down and hone in job selection criterias. We also created multiple landing pages so users could quickly see the diverse services offered by Workforce. 

The new website was build with Wordpress CMS and incorporates a modern and contemporary look that reflects the Workforce International brand. 


Although the new website is still in its early days of going live, it has received positive reviews and feedback from the stakeholders at Workforce International .  The new website has improved in content and design from its predecessor, and it is now an all around responsive website that can be viewed on any user chosen mobile device at any given time.

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