A new Drupal website for PreNotion, providing Business Intelligence big data to the Pharmaceutical Industry.


PreNotion Pty Ltd is a Business Intelligence big data provider to the Pharmaceutical Industry powered by the Gartner rated, best in class BI / Analytics tool Tableau Software platform.

They are a new competitor of IMS Health, a 60 year old company that had previously held a monopoly. IMS health had antiquated reporting systems, rigid pricing structures and a poorly perceived value. PreNotion needed to position themselves as technically superior and cost effective.

Business goals

  • Raise Awareness of PreNotion and its product / services
  • Generate new business enquiries
  • “Demonstrate product and key features” - problems it solves
  • Improve customer satisfaction
  • Information for existing customers

It will also act as a landing page for client secure account logins to their portal (external link).


Digital Garden’s solution was to redesign and develop a new, technically superior, website on Drupal CMS, using a mobile first approach to produce a high performance website.

We leveraged our UX expertise to create a user friendly and effective information architecture, allowing users to get to the information quickly and effortlessly.

Leveraging Drupal’s modular capabilities, we implemented a set or rich features like:

  • Full SEO framework
  • Gated content where users need to fill a form to download certain resources
  • Content Management Approval Workflow

Fully managed Webforms with ability to export submissions to excel.


The website was launched in early 2015 with a more comprehensive suite of content than the previous website. PreNotion’s directors have welcomed the professional, modern design and the responsive functionality of the website and are confident of driving an increase in product trial requests. It now opens up opportunities for potential clients to be able to search, view and enquire about PreNotion’s products directly from their mobile devices wherever and whenever they want.

Technologies used