Leading Australian property group, corporate website soars to new heights


Leading Australian property group, Investa, aims to be the premier owner and manager of quality office buildings and the leading residential and industrial land developer in Australia.

The group required a new website as part of the challenge in keeping a variety of audiences up-to-date and informed about the group’s activities, new opportunities and developments. In addition, it needed to position itself as the leader in its field through providing quality and relevant content on its site for investors, media and those with an interest in the property market.

As part of the project, it was important to make clear the various sections of the business by delineating the Investa property funds, office leasing and land development projects under the one core brand website.

An overarching theme that set Investa apart from its competitors was its commitment to invest in only premium grade properties and developments whilst setting best practice standards in sustainability.


Digital Garden worked closely with the Investa teams from the different divisions and the senior management team to ensure that all requirements were gathered and a solution was designed to fullful these. 

The team developed the corporate website on a Wordpress CMS platform with a contemporary, yet professional design appealing to the target audiences. Within the site users are able to view Investa’s funds and performance as well as quarterly reports on the market. In addition all properties where leasing opportunities exist is viewable by building with details on not only the availabilities but also how the offices perform on sustainability criteria – further adding to Investa’s brand promise.

Development sites for residential and industrial land were showcased with their own pages with minimal information to attract attention and links to microsites of their own to show detailed information about stages, lots and packages available on offer.


Overall the results of the website have been extremely positive with Investa teams finding it easy to update content frequently as the property market changes and new developments and offices come on stream for purchase or lease.

The “corporate” information is clearly identified and easy to access for users through the megamenu system with least clicks to reach valuable content deeper within the site.


$10 billion worth of assets
marketed on the website
Investa online asset marketing
Investa Icons
Visualising data

Each building in Investa's portfolio has a building scorecard with up-to-date data about emissions, gas, water, and electricity use are visualised alongside the NABERS ratings and other property information. The data is updated by the client in the CMS. 

Investa Interactive feature design
Investa from Above

Functionality such as the 360 degree aerial views of key capital cities where Investa have office space available has proved to be a great feature allowing users to get a holistic picture of Investa’s footprint within a city and be able to drill down to office level through the website.

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