A new look and feel for a successful online business, matching people to mind houses


HouseCarers is a legacy website which started in 1999 it was launched into the world in order to cater to the needs of providing a secure environment where homeowners can locate a reliable house sitter. HouseCarers also helps house sitters achieve their financial and housing objectives. 

Overtime competition increased and HouseCarers looked at getting their own website redesigned so that they could keep up with new competition, keep market share and attract new users. The old HouseCarers website was very outdated and was in need of a lot of help in terms of aesthetics and functionality. 

HouseCarers looked to Digital Garden for our expertise and assistance in Interface Design and Integration. 

UX was a big factor in this project. One key goal of this Interface Design and Integration project was to make a clear distinction between the two HouseCarers audience types:

  • House owner: you have a house that you want people to house sit
  • House sitter: you are looking for a house to sit

It was crucial that the new HouseCarers website look and feel was fresh and modern, completely different to that of its predecessor. 


Digital Garden approached the HouseCarers project with a whole new vision in terms of branding and website design. 

We designed a much more simpler yet very effective logo that would reflect a more modern HouseCarers brand. The simple icon and text in the logo allowed HouseCarers to stand up to their new competitors and face them head on. 

A good navigation is an important consideration and factor in website design. We designed a two way homepage navigation solution. Users have the  option of selecting ‘House Owner’ or ‘House Sitter’. Depending on what they selected the appropriate search box on the homepage would change to match their selection.

HouseCarers generates a lot of business every year and their revenue comes from new memberships. Digital Garden implemented a ‘Join Now’ call to action and which was prominently placed in the main menu navigation to provoke actions from users. 

To keep up with the ever social and interactive online world, Digital Garden implemented a Facebook feed on the HouseCarers homepage as well as links to other social media platforms for users to connect with.


The new look for the HouseCarers website design received lots of great feedback from both HouseCarers themselves and their users. The new simple, modern and sleek design truly reflects the HouseCarers brand, not only that but now more than ever the website strongly stands up to its competitors. The new website has helped HouseCarers keep their market share and attract a whole new world of members in this competitive world of online house sitting services. 

Connecting house sitters & house owners
In a successful, easy-to-use new site
HouseCarers Website
HouseCarers logo design
Rebranding housecarers

A fresh new identity for housecares, helping the site standout from the competition. 

HouseCarers illustration

Vibrant illustrations help liven up the website.