Cosmetic Institute

Australia's largest and most trusted cosmetic surgery clinic gets a makeover.


The Cosmetic Institute (TCI) believes that all Australians should have access to quality cosmetic surgery at affordable prices. The Cosmetic Institute invested in its own facilities and adopted streamlined practices resulting the highest standards of surgical care at highly competitive prices.

As a new entrant in the cosmetic surgery market, TCI hoped to disrupt the existing industry. The new website had to be cutting edge, reflect positively on the brand and its promise of quality, affordable cosmetic surgery. In addition, the site had to be responsive and work across all devices, particularly mobile.

TCI has a lower price point than its competitors so it was important to showcase the high quality of care with imagery of their state of the art facilities and provide detailed information about the qualifications of the surgeons and medical practitioners.


Digital Garden worked closely with the TCI team to gather requirements and to fully understand the features and functionalities of the new website. Working to a tight deadline, our designers and developers produced the website on time, meeting the specifications of the Wordpress CMS platform.

The new website delivered a strong visual identity for The Cosmetic Institute and instilled confidence in its target clients. Imagery of TCI’s facilities served to reassure potential clients that they would be given high quality care at an affordable price.

The site featured success stories through the use of before and after photos of clients who had shared their newfound confidence on social networks such as Facebook.


The new website has been received positively from the team at TCI. There has been a consistent stream of new enquiries from people looking to have cosmetic surgery in Australia rather than risk their health and wellbeing at overseas clinics.

TCI clients are now showcasing their success stories on social media and this continues to help TCI grow their business.

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The Cosmetic Institute social media integration
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