The College of Law

Facilitates post graduation legal training, making their website a highly subscribed online hub and destination.


The College of Law is a well-established law study organisation that has been offering postgraduate law programs since 1973.

Each year practicing solicitors have to complete a mandatory continuing legal education course, which by and large is normally left to the last minute. The College of Law facilitates this post graduation legal training, making the college and its website a highly subscribed online hub and destination.


The College of Law commissioned Digital Garden to develop a dynamic and contemporary website and eCommerce platform, to reflect its significant and experienced online presence.  One key requirement from the College of Law was that the design solution needed to make the signup and paying process, as simple as possible to encourage enrollment. 

An effective CRM communication strategy was also required to help facilitate more signups to courses from new and existing students.

Digital Garden improved the user experience by implemented a more effective way to locate courses, either by searching, or browsing courses within the three main categories - Practical Legal Training, postgraduate law programs and continuing professional development.


Making study payments simple
Lawyers across Australia and New Zealand can now pay online
The College of Law website
College of Law brand refresh
Brand refresh

Digital Garden redesigned the College of Law's visual identity to reflect a contemporary, modern look, whilst keeping a strong link to its heritage.

Magento wordpress integration
Magento + Wordpress

The Magento platform allowed us to create a big enterprise ecommerce experience, making it simple to purchase courses immediately online. Wordpress allowed us to have greater design flexibility over the site, which met College of Laws objectives – of being easy to use, transactional, and informational.

Technologies used 
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