Always on. Always connected.

Smartphones and tablets are fast becoming the norm. And for a growing band of users, such handheld devices are the primary channel for digital interaction.  As such, people expect brands to deliver experiences tailored to all devices, not just for the traditional desktop.

We find that a task commenced on a work computer may be continued on a smartphone during the daily commute and perhaps completed on a tablet later. The one-screen world is, for the user, the nearest device they have to hand at the time they’re carrying out the task.

How to join this fragmented journey

Responsive design - employing user centric design principles and a single version of your content - allows people to seamlessly engage with it on the go (or while sitting at a desk).

Employing some smart logic and data-driven show/hide queries ‘behind the scenes’ means that layouts and grids and images and ultimately, the user experience, remains coherent and consistent independent of the device or operating system.

Try it out now. Resize the desktop browser you’re using and see how the content shifts and stacks in perfect unison as it ‘responds’ to the changing screen dimensions of a tablet or mobile phone.

‘Mobile first’ is our mantra

All of Digital Garden’s projects over recent years have been developed with a mobile-first mindset in anticipation of the growth in and adoption of smartphones and tablets.

By optimising your design and content (be that text, image, audio or video) and user experience this way, with all the challenges that its small real estate and fragmented engagement imposes, means the customer journey will be just as seamless should they ‘scale’ up on a desktop.

Time to get mobile

Is your current website experience chained to a desktop?  If so, you may be missing out on connecting with a large section of your customer base. Can your business afford not to go mobile? Get in touch today and we’ll show you how you can capitalise on the mobile consumer for your business.