Internet Marketing

Internet marketing, combining as it does both creative
and technical aspects, is vital to ensure sustained traffic to your
website. Thus, visitors become leads, which in turn drives
business growth. Internet, or online marketing, can encompass
a combination of several elements.

Search engine optimisation (SEO)

SEO is the science of ensuring your site appears as high up  the ‘organic’ search results page for a defined keyword or phrase. While SEO can be applied to an existing site, ideally you’d want it considered from the outset of any web design or Internet marketing strategy.

SEO takes results from in-depth keyword analysis then maps those keywords to the new site structure ensuring optimal allocation and professionally crafted content that is highly ‘visible’ to search engines. Learn more about how our SEO packages can elevate your site up those search results pages.

AdWords and SEM

Myth #1. Launch a website and wait for the phone (or online sales) to go through the roof. It doesn’t work like that at all. Much planning, consultation, analysis and monitoring goes into the most basic of any paid Internet marketing strategy.

One option is an AdWords campaign as part of a search engine marketing (SEM) initiative, where you place text ads online at a cost, which appear on a search engine results page based on specific search terms, in an attempt to drive traffic directly to your site.

Also referred to as pay-per-click (PPC), it’s cost effective, fast to implement and relatively easy to manage. The most popular platform is Google AdWords. Irrespective of the scope of your online marketing plans, our SEM experts can have you set up and potentially acquiring new customers the same day.

Web copywriting

Words. As much as some web designers might deny it, we know that copy is at the heart of a successful website and Internet marketing strategy. But it needs to be crafted from the outset by specialist web copywriters able to structure and integrate SEO elements as well as reflect the tone and values of your brand into an engaging narrative that ‘talks’ both to your users, and to search engines.

That’s a big ask. Thankfully, we have some very accomplished web copywriters on hand to get your content in the best shape possible in order to drive more traffic and increase conversion rates.

Conversion rate optimisation

Once a visitor has found your site, the next challenge is getting them to take the next steps: to inquire, buy, subscribe, enroll, register, whatever your business objective for users might be.

There are several specific but subtle elements that need to work in unison to ensure the highest conversion rates. Our designs, process, experience, people and skills, all work towards optimising the conversion rate for visitors to your site.

Social media

Having a holistic approach to Internet marketing can involve considerable use of social media. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and friends are all capable of driving quality traffic to your site, enhancing your brand, promoting content, building links and generally acting as defacto PR agents.

This is ideal. But encouraging, monitoring and leveraging off user generated content, which is the essence of any social media deployment, requires a whole new communication mindset for a lot of companies and small businesses.

And this can be challenging, but it need not be so. Let’s have a discussion and see how social media can fit into your online marketing strategy.

Email marketing

Anyone can send a group email to a bunch of subscribers. That’s the problem; recipients have long been bombarded with such stuff. To cut through that deluge you need clever email design, great copy and thorough reporting as part of a wider Internet marketing campaign.

The result can potentially increase customer loyalty, encourage repeat business and ultimately boost your bottom line, or at the very least, enhance your brand. Luckily for you, we can help with all this, and more. Get in touch today about a new or existing email marketing strategy.

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