Duarte Garin

Technical Director
Duarte Garin Digital Garden

Duarte is a seasoned and highly experienced solutions architect with a background in web applications and systems integration. Having skills across the whole of the digital project lifecycle he brings a Technical Director level maturity to bear on all Digital Garden projects.

As a former Managing Director of a boutique digital agency himself, Duarte brings a lot of experience not just from a technical perspective but from a management and business level as well. He has managed hundreds of web projects and has acted as a technical consultant for some very high profile businesses.

He has been a part of major eGovernment projects like the Interoperability Framework for the Portuguese Government which connects all major government services in the country through a central platform using Service Oriented Architecture best practices.

Having built websites and web applications on various Open Source CMS platforms such as Drupal, Umbraco and Magento, Duarte is true believer of Open Source software development. Duarte has been an active member of the open source global community for more than 8 years and is the author and maintainer of Drupal projects like User Disk Quota and Webform Panels. 

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